Bringing Growth & Innovation in Every Rural & Urban Landscape of India

RDEA is a conceptualization of Summentor Pro Sales & Marketing Consultants, which showcases real-time rural & urban success stories for a Global Inspiration Impact, the award show will also host banks & private investors, covering all the widespread spectrum vital for the rural market success. We believe this motivating platform will inspire many people to replicate similar initiatives across India & Globally, to effectively raise awareness and flaunt the innovation potential that is currently deployed here. The nomination can be filed by Individual, Organizations, NGO’s, PSU’s & we have covered extensive verticals such as Agro, Banks, Sports, Education, Technology, Entertainment, Green Futures, Private Investors, Skill Development, Lifetime Achievement, Leadership Excellence….to name a few!


It’s often seen and heard that many in India migrate to larger cities, sometimes in the search of jobs and sometimes to fulfill their big dreams. We once heard our Chief Guest of Honor at an event talk about, why is it so that one needs to leave the comfort of their home and one’s land and move across cities that span beyond their hand? We then put together a team to see if we as a community can collectively bring out those stories and business ideas that are truly transforming the outlook of Rural areas in India and making the rural market viable by offering a great opportunity while giving rise to a unique concept: Rural & Urban Development Summit & Awards 2022.